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But the child who is born on the Sabbath Day/Is bonny and blithe and good and gay.

Jun 14

why I will never, ever approve of “ally” terminology

Fuck “allies”, fuck “ally problems”, fuck “I’m trying so hard”, fuck each and every ally cookie.¬†Fuck those buttering-up, comfy-assed, lazy pieces of shit who want praise for being a vaguely decent human being.

Fuck each and every one of you who call yourselves a military-style title, who presume to conjure up images of fighting in the streets when the biggest thing you fight is the voice of doubt that tells you that maybe you’re being a little entitled and unwelcome. Fuck you, and you too, and you over there, and you in the corner, yes you, you with the “education” and the “academic background” and the “earnest desire to help” and the “deep interest in anthropology” and the “utmost guilt for any harm I might have caused”, fuck you and your nobless oblige and your tears of pity, fuck you to the deepest depths of hate.

Fuck this sidling-up assimiliate-today bullshit, fuck this “we need to be acceptable to the general populace” horseshit, fuck this “oh, but we’ll alienate our allies”, fuck this tone-it-down, keep-it-down, keep-your-head-down, they-don’t-know-what-harm-they-cause delusional bullshit. Fuck the whole concept of being sweet to one of our less-sociopathic oppressors, fuck smiling at cop who shoots us in the face.

They’re not coming around. They’re not stopping. All they want is to step on our necks and make us smile and thank them while they kill us with peace. They want us in the same house so they’ll need less gasoline to burn us in our beds. They want us wearing wedding rings so they can loot our corpses when we’re done bleeding to death. They want nothing less than a total annihilation. The ultimate outcome of their actions is genocide, and I won’t be fighting on behalf of the firing squad.

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